Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Observations, Volume 1

This weekend has been a weekend of random observations for me. Below I have listed them for your entertainment:

1). One does not realize their true laziness or lack of productivity until they a). read about the Proverbs 31 Woman, b). watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, or c). read about parenting during the turn of the century. I just finished reading, "Cheaper by the Dozen." Yes, it is a true story not just a movie. It is the story of Frank & Lillian Gilbreth; he was a motion study expert and she a college eduacated woman of the day. He felt that he could (and he did) increase productivity in a home just as he did in factories or operating rooms. I'm reading this book and thinking I do good to keep our laundry done on a weekly basis (with no children). This man (and his wife) taught their children insane things at a young age to, above all things, increase their productivity. Speaking of their children's productivity when a child would skip a grade in school their reward was a new bike. I'm not making fun or judging this family simply observing. According to the book this family of 14 total only had two non-family members helping them (a cook and a handyman). Do you think a family of 14 in today's society would have only two helpers???

2). My second observation this weekend was dating at Barnes & Noble. Chris & I went to B & N today after church. He was looking for more books on God's glory and I was finishing the above mentioned book. While sitting in the very uncomfortable wooden chairs located throughout B & N a couple came up, probably in their 40's. If they were younger than that, I apologize. If they were married they were not wearing wedding rings so I'm going on the theory this was a date. The first thing I noticed was their differences. She looked as if she walked right out of a Talbot's catalog and he looked as if he walked right out of one of those videos where there's a professor teaching you algebra in front of a fake class--are you getting the mental picture? I'm in the back corner by the art books. There are four chairs (two wooden, two comfortable) a women knitting a hat is sitting in one comfortable chair. Who, might I mention, keeps trying the hat on while she's knitting it. Me in one chair, then the couple in the other. As soon as they sit down the man goes over and grabs an art book of some kind. He has a very deep voice so I can clearly hear everything he is saying. He starts off with this, "Mmmm, look at this. This would be so much better if...." Then I stop because I'm thinking, "I watch the news, I read magazines and newspapers--this guy is not an artist. Why is he telling this woman how a famous piece of art can be better?"

3). My third and final observation of this weekend--I am a dork! I realized this when I was excited to get a BCS library card. I love books and free books are the best books. Granted, you do have to return library books but for the most part they are free. I love learning new things. Now, do you think the subject of the Gilbreth family will ever come up w/ my social circles? No, it will not--it is just meaningless knowledge I have. Will I have 12 children and model my family after the Gilbreth's? Most certainly not. You would think one that likes learning as much as I do would be well educated. Again, most certainly not. I am only interested in things that interest me. Algebra--not interested. That, I believe, is the single reason I do not have a college degree--I shut down when I don't care. What is the next meaningless knowledge I will engage in? A book on Frontier Women...I know, I told you already...I am a dork. "They" say the first step of change is admitting there is a problem, but is this a problem?

"I successful man knows something about everything. " --Frank Gilbreth

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Kara said...

Does that fact that your quote at the bottom says "I successful man..." further qualify you as a dork? :)