Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come on Ladies! YOU CAN DO IT!

Who has the most control of your family’s heart health? Your doctor? Your husband? NOPE. You do! The wife. As the mother and wife you probably buy the groceries and decide what’s for dinner. It’s your job to sneak veggies in. It’s your job to “forget” to buy cookies and buy fruit instead. It’s your job. I know. I know. Who wants that kind of pressure? Psych yourself up! You’re the one! God made women different than men for a reason—you can handle it!

Some tips to make fruits and veggies a hit at your house:
1. Cut them up really, really small and put them in things they already eat like mashed potatoes, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc.
2. Freeze the fruits. A snack I personally LOVE is frozen grapes! They are small and bite size and frozen! What could be better?
3. Experiment. Make the experimenting fun. Buy something new that you’ve never tried before and make it into some exotic meal that makes your family think it’s really fancy. Girl, I mean pull out all the stops: cloth napkins, fancy plates, glass glasses, the works!
4. Let your child pick what fruits and veggies you buy from the grocery store. I witnessed this first hand the other day at HEB. While looking at 40 different varieties of apples I heard this conversation:
Mom: What kind do you want?
Daughter: I want those. (pointing to small gala apples)
Mom: If you pick those you have to eat them.
Daughter: Okay! (very excited to eat her little apples)
Eli doesn’t really get to pick what I buy yet but when he’s old enough I’m going to try it.
5. If all else fails dip them in something! I haven’t done research on it but I think ranch on a carrot is still better for your than a bag of potato chips. There are tons of things to dip stuff in so be creative with it!

Eating heart healthy doesn’t always have to be a drag. What are some of your secrets to help the family eat healthy?

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