Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Play Catch Up

I know, I know. I didn't give you leadership stuff everyday last week. Between celebrating my birthday, getting the apartment ready for my parents, and getting ready to move I didn't get to it everyday. I'm sorry. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

If you can, then read on. If you can't forgive me then stop reading!

First up, Mister Mister turned five months old on March 14th. Isn't that crazy!? It is so hard to believe that he's been here for five months! So far he's still eating almost 8 oz five times a day. However, now he's also eating cereal and some baby food once a day. So far he's had sweet peas and applesauce. He's not really a fan of sweet peas but when you mix them with cereal he's okay with it. I know, you want to try some. I'll pass. The smell alone kind of makes me gag. He still sleeps through the night. He goes to bed around 7:00 PM and wakes up around 7:00 AM. He still loves the Johnny Jump Up also! I like the JJU because it makes him tired so he takes a good nap. Speaking of naps, he's not really a fan of naps. That goes right along with him being stubborn. He will still fight a nap and yell to keep himself awake. While we're on the topic of things he doesn't like he still does not like baths. I bought some bubble bath today to see if he likes the bath any better with bubbles.

Secondly, we're moving! We found this great house in Bryan (about 10 minutes from where we live now). This week while Chris is gone I'm moving some things to the house. I can't wait to get moved in!

Lastly, on a weird note, I've been watching Thirtysomething on Netflix. You know, now that I'm 30 years old. I have to say, I don't really know why that show was so popular. It kind of got on my nerves. But just like any sitcom I had to see how it ended so I watched the final episode on Youtube. The things I realized about that show: Hope is a baby. I understand being a little nuts after a baby is born but she was insanely selfish throughout that series, her husband seemed to be a bit of a push over and they never seemed to really talk about anything important. Speaking of not talking Elliot and Nancy drove me up the wall. Basically, if you want to know how not to act in your marriage watch Thirtysomething.

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