Monday, May 24, 2010


Since I've been a mother all of 7 1/2 months I have learned A LOT! Not just about my son but about other mothers (and women in general).

1. It's hard. People joke around that stay at home moms don't do anything but watch their kids. There are some days I would like to sit in my old office and close the door. That's what I did when I needed a break from my co-workers. Now, I can't really just shut the door. My son is mobile and therefore, nothing is off limits to him...until I snatch it out of his hands.

2. It's wonderful. As hard as it is being my son's mom it is also wonderful. I love for him to wake up from a nap and smile at me through his crib. It is as if he's had the most wonderful dream and can't wait to tell me about it.

3. Women are mean. I was reading this blog about Julia Roberts being a mom and the stuff she liked about her kids. My first reaction when reading it was, "Ahhh, that is so sweet." I scrolled down and read what other people put as comments. Let me just say, they are mean. What ever happened to, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" I think that's a pretty good rule to stand by when leaving comments on blogs. Seriously? We have so people people and things trying to bring us down why do we need to do it to each other?

4. We are different. Praise the Lord for that! I hang out with a wonderful set of friends at least once a week and we are all different but we are all excellent mothers to our children and wonderful wives for our husbands. I thank God for this set of ladies in my life. Our children are about the same ages and we just swap stories and compare baby products and just hang out. I love our times together!

I leave you now with two videos Christy Nockels did about motherhood:

Being A Mom {Part 1} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

Being A Mom {Part 2} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

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