Monday, July 19, 2010

What Lasts for 32 Years?

Back in May I did a post about what had lasted the entire time my husband and I had been married (9 years).  Well, I'm in Arkansas for a couple of days and decided I would look around my parent's house and see what has lasted them 32 years.

My mom has a set of silverware that was a wedding gift from her Aunt Gladys.  I have no idea where this silverware came from and this might be the only piece my mom still has.

This dresser has been around longer than my parents have been married.  It was my mother's dresser when she lived at home.  I have sanded it down and I'm going to re-finish it whenever I buy the stain.

This is a mirror that was in my room when I was little. 
I don't know for sure when my parents bought it but I know that it was in my room for a LONG time.

My parents might kill me for this!  This is their engagement picture!  In the orginal frame, I'm sure!
Now, when you come over this is not proudly displayed so don't expect to see it again--I had to go looking for it.

While I was looking for the engagement picture I came across this little gem.  Again, I don't know when my mom got it but I know it's been on her bathroom counter for as long as I can remember.

Last but not least, the games!  Notice the duct tape holding Battleship together!  The games used most often were the United States puzzle, Taboo, and Family Trivia Pursuit.  Don't ask where the original Trivia Pursuit game is.  Why all the games?  We lived in the country and didn't get satellite until I was about 16 years old--what else were we going to do?

There is also a Bible story book I was going to get a picture of until the camera died.  Because, I did this while my parents were at work I don't really know the back story behind any of this or where they are hiding the really old stuff! 


Robyn said...

Hi, Cary! Thanks for the comment! Eli is a cutie--such a fun age :)

T said...

Cary! That engagement picture of your parents - you look like your mom! Adorable =)