Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LOL with God by Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson

“LOL with God,” by Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson was obtained out of a moment of boredom and that proved to be a mistake. There are some interesting items in the book such as the Text Helps that remind you to refer back to your Bible for additional guidance and the LOL section that tells the humorous stories women go through every day. It is nice to be reminded all women make mistakes and learn to laugh about them in the end.

What made the book disappointing was the constant reference to text messaging. For some reason I find it disheartening to compare time with God and text messaging valid in any environment. There did not seem to be substance as often as there were text message references. It is discouraging when books that are geared towards women almost seem as if they dumbing down the Gospel for women readers.

While this book was mainly a disappointment to read it was encouraging to read funny stories from other women and, perhaps not feel so bad about yourself.

Thank you Tyndale Publishing for providing a complementary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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