Monday, January 31, 2011

Harper's Wish List

Don't misunderstand this post.  When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I was just so happy he was healthy and we could quit calling him, "it."  Then I quickly realized cute boy stuff, that I liked, was hard to find!  I love little boy clothes that look like little man clothes and those are hard to come by on my budget.  So when I found out I was pregnant a second time I had two sides:  1 side wanted a boy just because we had boy stuff already and 1 side wanted a girl because girl stuff is just so crazy cute and so easy to find!  Well, the second side won that battle!  Harper's on her way!

I haven't bought a lot of stuff for her but I have been window shopping!  On Etsy!  Dangerous!  Below is some of the cutest stuff I've seen on Etsy for baby girls!!!

Seriously!  Bright fabric, ruffles, applique!  All in one blanket!  Don't worry, I've already warned my mom.

I don't know why but these headbands with feathers just get me everytime!

I'm not really sure how safe this is just because Eli would have figured out how to pull this metal clip off and stick it in his mouth but it sure looks cute!

I know, I know!  These shoes are an acquired taste.  I've acquired the taste for them!

Another headband with feathers!!
The most dangerous part about all this Etsy window shopping is I have an app for that!  When I get bored I just look at my Handmade app and surf Etsy and e-mail my mom all the cute stuff I find.

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