Monday, February 14, 2011

16 Months Old!

Can you believe Eli is 16 months old?!  I can't!  Here's the latest info on Eli Plunkett:

Clothes size:  18-24 months
Shoe size:  5-6
Diaper size:  5
Weight:  31 lbs
Length:  No clue!  At his one year check up he was 31 inches but I don't even want to try to measure him.

He is FINALLY starting to walk!  I think he was so mobile before he didn't really need a reason to walk because he could crawl any where and climb on anything so who needs to walk?  I was starting to feel bad about this because in his Sunday school class they promoted all the walkers and that left Eli in there with all these little kids--he's at least head taller than most of those kids.  But I know if he was in the walker room he might get run over so I'm okay with it.  I know he has no idea what is going on so it shouldn't bother me.

Eli is also your typical boy.  He plows over anything in his way, throws anything that remotely looks like a ball, and knocks over anything he can reach just because he wants to.  Around our house we call him, "Tornado."  The other day he realized he could knock over his chair in the living room so now he does it all the time.  It wouldn't bother me if the chair wasn't 30 years old already so pretending it's a wrestling bag makes me kind of nervous.  If the budget and my conscience can ever line up Eli will have his own living room chair that's not so old.

He also LOVES music!  Anytime music is on TV he is "dancing," (bending his knees to move up and down).  Drumming is also a favorite activity.  Anything with a flat surface gets drummed on.  Apparently, Justin Bieber started out as a drummer so we'll see....  Who needs to be President of the United States anyways?

I think that's about it for Eli right now!

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