Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sequin Bible Review

When I saw the opportunity to review a Bible with sequins I jumped on it! Something about God’s Word with sequins on it made me wish I was 8 years old again and beg my parents for this Bible because it looked so pretty. This was also my first Bible to review so I was pretty excited about that also.

Let me start by telling you what I like about this Bible. First, the International Children’s Bible (ICB) version is very child friendly. I reviewed several types of verses and all would be easy for a child to understand. In the back of the Bible is a simple Bible dictionary. It is not, by any means, a complex dictionary but if your daughter is interested in certain characters but doesn’t know where they are in the Bible, they are listed in this dictionary and also several nouns that are throughout the Old and New Testaments (altar, apostle, fellowship, etc). There is also a section entitled, “Where Do I Find It?” that includes: Advice to Children, The Last Supper, The Ten Commandments, etc. This section simply tells the girl the Biblical reference and page number, there is no definition or explanation. The last two sections include verses that are specifically targeted towards areas such as: Doing Good, My Happiness, Salvation, Scripture Memory, etc.

As much as I liked this Bible I feel Tommy Nelson Publishing missed a huge opportunity to get girls excited about reading their Bibles. This type of Bible would be perfect if it included some heavy weight, glossy pages that had some tidbits of information about young girls in the Bible and perhaps even a devotional or two wouldn’t hurt either. It was also unclear to me what age group they were targeting with this Bible. The cover would imply any girl with good taste but the language would imply it is for a much younger girl. After doing some research online I found that this version is primarily for a high third grade level reader.

In our home we have plenty of Bibles in tons of versions. I don’t agree with giving a child a version that is too complex to understand but I also don’t think a child should have a version that doesn’t really get to the meat of scripture either. I think this Bible would be perfect for an elementary age girl but once they approach middle school and older I think a different version is needed.

Thanks to Booksneeze for the complementary copy of this Bible for reviewing purposes.


Emily said...

I think my Molly (age 7) would love this Bible for several reasons:
1. It's beautiful...if you ask her what her favorite color is, her reply would be rainbow. This bible has a rainbow of colors:)
2. Molly is in 1st grade, reading on a 3rd grade level. She LOVES to read.
3. She has a toddler Bible that we have much outgrown and her great-grandparents gave her a Bible last Christmas that she uses, but I feel like it is for when she is older.
4. Most importantly, Molly accepted Jesus into her little heart in January, and she has a hunger for God's word.

--Emily Myers:)

Anonymous said...

I hope Molly enjoys the Bible!