Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House Projects

Once we had an address and each kid was going to have their own rooms I started working on some projects for their rooms.  Eli's room is a little difficult to make stuff for because it's done in Arkansas Razorback stuff but he also has old trucks in there too so I'm always looking for something to make that doesn't look too girly for him.

Eli's project board
A friend of mine used window shutters for her daughter a project board but shutters seemed kind of girly so I had to think of a manly project board.  Enter--chicken wire!  I found this open back frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $12.00, spray painted it red and stapled the chicken wire on the back.  I have some little clothes pins packed away some where to use instead of that giant clip in the picture.

Harper's door sign
This is an idea I took from an Etsy seller.  Her product was just the chalkboard used as a photo prop.  I asked my uncle if he could cut the shape out of wood and I would do the rest.  Instead he cut two boards and painted them for me!  I hot glued the tulle on the front and finished it off!  The second board he cut for me is in my kitchen.  It's nothing fancy so I didn't take a picture.

Harper's mirror
My same aunt and uncle that did the boards for me had a massive indoor yard sale and once the dust settled I went "picking" (you know the show American Pickers) in what was left over!  No one bought this mirror so I took it off their hands.  I spray painted it purple and tied some tulle at the top.  Right now it's hanging over Harper's dresser/changing table.

Harper's bow board
This is currently the most colorful thing in Harper's room (until her bedding is done anyways).  One of my mom's friends made Harper all of these adorable bows!  I bought the open back frame at Hobby Lobby for $7.00 (I think), spray painted it green, stapled ribbon to the back then the main fabric from Harper's bedding, and of course, added the tulle! 

This is all I have done right now.  I still need to re-finish a dresser for Harper's room.  I'm planning on doing it this weekend.  I'm also on the hunt for a cheap, simple desk to re-finish for our bedroom.  I thought I found one on Craigslist but by the time I e-mailed the seller it was already gone!  But I'm still hunting!

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