Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reason #47 to Get on Pinterest

Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I have been a little consumed with Pinterest lately!  It's like a digital To Do Binder.  It allows you to "pin" items you see online to a virtual bulletin board while also allowing you to see items other people have pinned!  It is really quite addicting!  AND there's a Pinterest app for your iphone too!

One of my followers pinned this really cool scarf.

I followed the link because I do love a good scarf and much to my dismay find out it's made out of a t-shirt!  And the best part:  NO SEWING!

Today during nap time I attempted the t-shirt scarf from a very cheaply made maternity t-shirt.

I used a regular pen and bowl measuring 8 1/2 inches.  Tidy Mom recommends 9 inch paper plates but I don't have 9 inch paper plates and this bowl is the closest I could find.

Trace the bowl as many times as you can on the front and back.  Cut the circles out.
Then cut all the circles into spirals.  The bigger the spiral the shorter the scarf.

Take all the pieces and tie them around your neck.  Tidy Mom added the pin to hers to spruce it up a bit. 
Sorry, I'm not going to model this on myself because I'm still in my pajamas.
I strongly recommend you follow Tidy Mom's instructions because she has more pictures.  This scarf was seriously so easy!  AND since it's made out of a t-shirt it is super thin so it could be worn in the summer and not look totally out of season!

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