Friday, June 17, 2011

The Principle of the Path, by Andy Stanley

I originally volunteered to review, “The Principle of the Path,” because it was written by Andy Stanley and I wanted an easy read. I suppose if I felt I was wandering aimlessly in life I might have gotten more out of this book. The fact that it took me about three months to read it should be some indication of my interest in the book. The reason it took so long was not because I was so engrossed I read it several times but more because it did not catch my interest immediately therefore, it went on the back burner. I was pretty much reading the book just to turn in a review so I could get another book to review.

After slowly reading the book my conclusion is if you feel as if you are wandering around with no purpose or meaning to your life perhaps you should pick up this book (and your Bible). But if you are just going to read it because it’s an Andy Stanley book and you’ve never read it before I suggest you re-read another one.

Thank you to Booksneeze for the complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

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