Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Are you his mom?"

Recently, Chris and I (and Corby) were at at Lens Crafters in the Stonebriar Mall getting Chris some new sunglasses. We were sitting in the lobby going over our insurance information with the saleswoman. We came to the part where she says, looking at me, "Are you the primary insured?" I say, "Yes, I am." She says ever so calmly, "Are you his mom?" as she looks at me then Chris! With, I'm sure, a look of disgust and dismay I say, "No. I am his wife." "Oh," she says. Corby's smiling as if he is about to roll on the floor laughing and Chris is patting me on the knee as if to say, "please don't get mad at the nice old lady." The rest of the event was a blur--I guess we paid because I don't remember much after that except the thoughts going through my 28 YEAR OLD head. As soon as our feet exit the store comments are being said...Again, most of it was a blur because all I can recall is the, "Are you his mom," question.

Needless to say, I'm wondering how can I look younger--first and easiest thing was to get a haircut! I googled salons in Plano and ended up at Beauty Brands on Park. I walked in and explain my situation: I want my hair shorter, I want a "style," I want some bulk taken off. The stylist (Marissa was her name) did a wonderful job. (See picture below)

Tip: Don't ever assume you know a woman is pregnant or you know her age! She's probably NOT pregnant and you probably DO NOT know her real age--especially in North Texas!


Gina said...

I don't think you look old enough to be Chris or Corby's mom! That lady must have needed glasses.

Chris & Cary Plunkett said...

Chris said she was just old and didn't know what she was talking about...