Thursday, June 19, 2008

You, me, and Corbin Lee

As most of you know Chris & I have a house guest this summer. My cousin, Corby, is living with us. He reminded me last night that he gets no face time on the blog. Well, this blog is all about the one and only Corbin Lee!

Facts you might not know about Corby:

When he was little (like 2 years old) he would flip EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere--all through our Grandmother's house he just flipped to whatever room he had to go to.

He used to bang his head against walls when he didn't get his way.

My favorite is when our Papa was sitting in a recliner in the living room and Corby just walked up to him and bit him on the arm. Papa just knocked him right upside the head out of impulse and Corby just looked at him like, "what was that about?"

He is also an eagle scout.

Corby is VERY sarcastic. Anyone that has met him will agree for sure. He buys lots of records, CDs, and DVDs. He likes to go to concerts...any concerts, I think. One minute he's going to see Barry Manilow then the next it's some unknown band having a concert in someone's house.

I'm doing this post on my break at work but sometime I'll post a picture of Corby so you can get a visual image in your head. :)

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