Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tail Gating--Aggie Style

Today Freedom hosted a little tail gating get together. I explained the "rules" to my mom over the phone and she said it sounded like a cult and I assured her it was! I'm learning the deeper you get into the Aggie way of life the harder it is to get out! To see where I learn most of my information visit:

The Spirit Walk
During the Spirit Walk the Corp (the people in the khaki uniforms) and the football players (khaki pants and navy blue blazers) walk down the street through all the tail gating. Chris and some other guys went yesterday to claim our spot...much like the Gold Rush probably was! For the "official" A&M tail gating rules visit:

Tail gating was a success but I am afraid the game was not so much. The Aggies lost to Miami but I do not remember the score...


Cynthia said...

Tailgating is so fun. Although not a fan of LSU they sure know how to do it up.

Girl sounds like you are getting sucked into the Aggie atomsphere.

Have a blast!!!

Kara said...

Hey! You sound like you're having quite a blast. I need your new email address so I can write you!!!

Lindsay said...

Love it!! I've known it was a cult since childhood. HA HA!!