Monday, October 6, 2008

Bugs are gross!

Can I just say bugs are gross...and weird! First I say they're weird becuase when me and Chris left for Little Rock from Washburn Valley, USA there was a grasshopper on our windsheild. It stayed stuck to the windshield, holding on for dear life, until we got to Ozark! I was very impressed with that talented grasshopper.

Second, I say they are gross because they are! I got to work this morning at 6:00 working very hard to answer all my e-mails before 8:00 when I will get more because that is when people start getting to work. UNTIL out of the corner of my eye I see a dark spot move across the right side of my office. My heart stops and part of me says, "don't look," and the other part says, "LOOK! FREAKING LOOK!" So I look and yes, much to my dismay there is a GIGANTIC COCKROACH! Now, when I say giant I mean the biggest cockroach I've ever seen and can I just say that cockroaches, snakes, and mice make me want to vomit. I promptly poured my tea in my trashcan and used the glass to trap the roach and then I quickly shook my entire body as if the roach crawled on me. Oh my gosh, just saying that makes me tense! So by 7:15 I had trapped the roach and could not focus on my task of e-mails! I just knew the roach was getting bigger and bigger under the glass! Finally, my roach savior arrived: my manager Rena! She walked in and said, "Good morning, Cary." As she was walking out I said, "STOP! Rena, I cannot work like this any more--there is a roach under a glass and I need you to get rid of it because I cannot work until it is gone." She looks at me as if she cannot believe all that just came flying out of my mouth and she laughs...and laughs...and laughs. She said, "Are you serious?" "Yes! I mean it! It's been there most of the morning and I can't work until it's gone." She laughs some more and uses my glass to kill it then asked if I wanted the glass back--I passed and she threw it away AND flushed the gigantic dead roach down the toliet!

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Cynthia said...

I am laughing my head off. Girlfriend, are you just now realizing that everything is bigger in Texas? Yes even the cockroaches. If you don't watch it they will be pulling out the marachas and playing you a tune to whistle while you work.