Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prince Parson

Yesterday was quite a day! Not only was it a Monday but it was also Prince Parson's 7th Birthday! In dog years he is 49 years old! Sometimes he does get a little cranky but for the most part he's still a good dog!
Tonight we went for a walk and I'm pretty sure Parson was tired about 5 minutes in to the walk. We feel sorry for him because when we lived in our house he could just go outside and lay on the grass as long as he wanted. But then we started apartment hopping and he no longer has the luxury of laying in grass all day long--he has to settle for the balcony. Now, last time I flew I saw in the Sky Mall Catalog that some company makes a patch of grass for dogs to do whatever on this patch of grass. I don't really know how I feel about that yet...I'm leaning towards, "gross...unsanitary...smelly...dirty."

I know you are probably getting Parson Plunkett overload but all you have to remember is he's the best dog ever!

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