Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday we had a doctor's appointment and found out my blood pressure had sky rocketed since my last visit 3 weeks ago so the nurse had me lay down on my left side for about 20 minutes then they re-checked it. It had gone down but the doctor decided I wasn't going back to work Friday and that I would be on bed rest for the weekend and come back on Monday to decide what to do next. She told me that I, more than likely, have preeclampsia which is common if high blood pressure runs in your family (everyone in my dad's family has high blood pressure) and also in first pregnancies. Worse case scenario would be I have to be on bed rest and a c-section at 37 weeks. I'm not nervous about a c-section I'm more concerned about being bored out of my mind while on bed rest. Today is the second day of bed rest and I'm tired of it already. Enough about bed rest, here's the recent details:

How far along: 34 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: This is going to be my little secret. A lovely symptom is preeclampsia is unexplained sudden weigh gain which is basically water and seeing as I'm retaining water like a sham wow this weigh gain number has gone UP!
Maternity clothes: Yes!
Next doctor appt: Sept 28th
Sleep: Eli and me both are getting more sleep. He's not waking me up any more. I think he's finally understood to sleep when I sleep :)
Best moment this week: Eli kicking the doctor after she checked his heart rate
Movement: These days he pretty much stays settled on my right side. You can tell most of the time my stomach is lop-sided.
Food cravings: Still eating lots of Taco Bell
Gender: BOY! Eli Duane Plunkett
Labor signs: No
Belly button in/out: In
What I miss: Not being puffy
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting Eli face to face!
Weekly Wisdom: "I think you should be laying down." Chris Plunkett
Milestones: According to Eli can recognize simple songs now

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