Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I've Learned Since Becoming a Mom

I have been a mom for all of three weeks and I've already learned A LOT here are the top five things!

1. Pee Pee Tepees are crap. My son pees on himself almost every time his diaper comes off and we've tried everything and now we've given up. We know it's going to happen so we just get ready for the screaming because he screams every time he does it and toss the blanket that was on the changing table because it gets soaked.

2. Carter's has the most consistent sizing for baby clothes. I know a 6 pound baby wears Carters NB size and it doesn't swallow him.

3. The sling rider is the best thing since disposable diapers. It keeps my son all wrapped up so people don't feel the need to touch him but it still allows this former best resting mom to get out of the house.

4. Pampers has the best reward website for buying their diapers.

5. Baby laundry must be done everyday unless you want every thing in the hamper to smell like spit up and urine.

Those are the top five things that I have right now...I'll keep you posted when I've been a mom a little longer than 3 weeks :)

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Anonymous said...

Agreed on 2-4. If I buy disposables, they are pampers b/c I know I can get good rewards and find coupons for them.