Friday, January 22, 2010

New 2010 Challenge

Guess what?! I have a new goal for 2010 and I'm pretty sure it's going to take all year (maybe longer) to do it but I'm pretty excited about it. No, I'm not going to run a marathon, lose 100 lbs, read a ton of books, or cook my way through some cookbook. This is something I have cried about, laughed about, been angered with, and down right mad at sometimes. HAIR! I have decided to grow my hair out and donate it to Locks of Love. I was reading the other day that 10 inches of thick hair can usually make 3-4 child size wigs for children with cancer depending on the length. If I were just growing my hair out I wouldn't do it. But to know that I can give a little girl hair during a crazy hard time in her life it makes it worth it.

Now, like most women I get bored with my hair several times a year so it should not shock anyone that in a one year time period I can have been known to have several hair styles.

I leave you now with some pictures of my different hair styles over the years...ENJOY!

This was right before we moved to Texas.

A couple of months of living in Texas.

This is a haircut I got after someone asked me if I was Chris' mom.

Before we moved to College Station.

Our first Aggie tail gating.

This is the most current picture of my hair from January 2010.


Anonymous said...

OMG! The HOTTEST women I've ever seen!

Lindsay said...

I'm going to enjoy this since I've only known you with short hair!! I'm growing mine out too...maybe I should join you in the locks of love adventure!