Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's Been A Change of Plans

While doing some research on Locks of Love I found out that they do not actually give children wigs. They actually charge the family for the wig according to the parent's income. The only way a child receives a wig for free is if they can get a sponsor to donate 1,000.00 to Locks of Love (LOL). LOL says the 1,000.00 is to pay for the processing of the hair and creating the actual wig. I understand that everything costs money but I feel that the wigs should be given away totally and completely free of charge.

That is when I stumbled upon Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I have heard Hilary Swank talk about it before but I never looked into it. Beautiful Lengths takes the hair and has the wigs made and they distribute them to "wig banks" for the American Cancer Society to give away. The main difference between the wigs with these two charities is: LOL says their wigs are custom made for their children and Beautiful Lenths makes wigs to be given away (they are not custom made).

I have decided to change my hair donation from LOL to Beautiful Lenths. Basically, the same rules apply except with Beautiful Lengths the donation only has to be 8 inches long so that's two inches shorter than I originally thought.

Also, according to the Beautiful Lengths website it takes approximately six ponytails of donated hair to make one wig. Anyone want to join me??

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