Monday, February 22, 2010

535 Calorie Lunch

Have you looked at the serving size of some of your favorite items lately? Well, I have! And I'm so disappointed by it. If you have been reading this blog lately you also know that I'm attempting to watch my calorie intake in an effort to lose Eli weight.

Below I have pictures of my lunch. This lunch is 535 calories total.

40 Calories (2tbsp cheese dip) this is about the size of the little container they give you at Taco Bell

140 Calories (9 nacho chips)

45 Calories (6 slices turkey)

70 Calories (1 slice cheese) I don't use low fat cheese because it just tastes gross. I would rather have no cheese than use low fat cheese

140 Calories (2 slices wheat bread) I could use bread with fewer calories but I'm sure Chris would not like it at all

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