Sunday, February 28, 2010

March is the Month of Cary!

I told Chris today that it was the last day of Heart Awareness Month. He then asked what March was and I didn't really know anything March was famous for except for MY BIRTHDAY! I'm turning 30 this year. I know, you thought I was older--I get that all the time. No seriously, I do--it's kind of annoying but I'm used to it by now.

It's crazy to think I'm going to be 30 YEARS OLD. That is three decades! A third of a century! 10,950 days! What am I going to do for my 30th birthday? Hopefully, I'm going to Madden's for breakfast with my husband, son, and parents :) Then Chris leaves for Virginia the next day for mission trip.

Coffee recipes! Oh yes! I know you are excited! I recently purchased a new espresso maker and next to my God, my husband, and my son I'm in love with this thing!

Have a great March 1st tomorrow!

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