Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Six Weeks to a Better Heart

A couple of years ago (probably after my granny passed away) I bought this tiny book about heart health published by the American Heart Association. The book breaks down your health goals in six weeks. Thus, accurately titled, "6 Weeks to Get Out the Fat."

Week 1: Cut down on the easy things (high fat dairy, high calorie bread products, high fat meat, etc)

Week 2: Watch your portions-learn what a serving is. That means you might have to actually read the label of the food you eat.

Week 3: Add some variety to your diet. If you eat the same thing every day your are more likely to get burned out and go back to eating fast food.

Week 4: Cook with your heart in mind. Find out what your health numbers are and be aware of good fats, bad fats, etc.

Week 5: Learn how to "cheat" the healthy way. Find a wonderful recipe filled with fruit! I bet if you look you will find one.

Week 6: Make it last. Learn to eat at restaurants without totally blowing your heart health. There will come a day when you will hav to go out and you need to learn what to eat.

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