Monday, February 15, 2010

What Does 1200 Calories Look Like?

As I mentioned in my previous post today my doctor recommended I cut my calories down to 1200 a day for about a week. So here's what I ate today:

Starbucks Double Shot-70 calories
Fiber Bar-170 calories
Apple-80 calories
Apple-80 calories
Turkey-45 calories
Cheese-80 calories
2 slices wheat bread-140 calories
Hamburger bun-110 calories
Pork BBQ-250 calories
Doritoes-200 calories
Yogurt-110 calories

GRAND TOTAL=1335 (135 over)

Not that I'm trying to rationalize my day but I think only going 135 over isn't that big of a deal. Because I did write down everything I ate I can look back and see where I could have/should have cut the calories. For instance, if I would have had no bread with my BBQ that would have dropped 110 calories; if I ate low fat cheese instead of good cheddar it would have cut some calories; if I would have had hot tea this morning instead of a double shot that would have cut 70 calories; if I would have had something instead of chips with my BBQ sandwich that would have cut 200 calories. See, it's totally possible. Tomorrow the goal is still 1200 calories!

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Kara said...

Good job Cary. Keep it up!!