Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Lasts for Nine Years?

Today my husband and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary.  It just seems so crazy to me that we have been married for nine whole years!  I started thinking about everything we've been through together and then my mind slipped to our things.  I started looking around the house for things we have had the entire time we've been married.  Enjoy.
Oneida silverware.  Chris' Granny told us she would buy our silverware for us...until she found out we registered for it at Pier One then she told me to look at JCPenney for "real" silverware.
Correll white dishes.  Every time I think about getting new dishes I always go back to how versatile these are.  Notice there are only 4 red plates--I couldn't bear to buy a whole set--I wasn't ready to replace my white ones.
This is a tote bag I bought on our honeymoon.  You guessed it--Disney World!

American Eagle shoes.  I bought these on clearance right after we got married for $9.99!  It was a deal I just couldn't pass up!
Last but not least, my wedding band.  I love this ring!  My husband designed it using all the rings he'd given me.  The small hearts came from a promise ring he gave me about 2 years before we got engaged, the diamond came from my engagement ring, and the wedding band was bought to complete the set.  Sometimes we talk about getting me another set for the big anniversaries (you know 25, 50, etc) but right now I don't think I can ever replace this ring.  It really is one of a kind.  A Chris Plunkett original!

I remember the first item we had to replace after we got married.  Bath rugs.  Chris got really sick when we had been married for about 3 months and he threw up on everything in the bathroom.  I mean EVERYTHING!  I couldn't stand to clean the rugs so I just threw them away.  Sorry, to who ever bought them for us. 

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Cora said...

I hope that yall had a great anniversary! It is neat seeing all the things that have made it through the years! Great idea!