Friday, April 30, 2010


The other day at Target a woman told me every time her kids were cranky she would tell people they were teething--even when they were 6 years old and old enough to get upset about it.

I feel like that. I feel like Eli has been teething since Christmas. He finally cut two teeth over Easter and I really think he's working on more but they have not appeared yet.

Being the nerd I am I've read a lot of blogs and websites about teething and what to do about it.

Tylenol Done it and I guess it works.

Baby Orejel Done it and probably didn't work.

Teething pacifier Bought one. He's not a fan.

Frozen teething toys Did it. The cold made him cry more.

Frozen waffles I'm a little scared to do this simply because he doesn't really chew stuff yet.

Frozen pacifier I haven't tried this one yet because he was so against the other frozen things I didn't even want to try it again.

That's pretty much it. I think my philosophy on teething will be the same as my pregnancy philosophy: Heaven is forever--not teething.

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