Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Garden

Some time ago my husband and I planted some fruits and vegetables in this small flower bed in the back of our house.  I'm pretty sure it is against our lease to plant an actual garden in un-broken ground so we used the small flower bed that was already there.  To anyone worried about curb appeal it is in the back so you can't see it from the road. 

When we started the garden we planted carrots, watermelons, lettuce, cucumbers, and canteloupes with seeds.  Tomatoes, more cucumbers, okra, and lettuce were planted with starter plants.  As of today, we have some tomatoes on their way and a little okra that's not quite done yet!  I'm so excited!  Everything has sprouted but not everything has produced growth yet. 

I want to figure out a way to plants some herbs, potatoes, and green beans next time.  Like I said earlier our space is limited so I'm trying to figure out some ways to have some container gardens. 

Garden Helper, published by Ferry Morse (I picked up this little booklet at a market in Bryan, TX)
From Dirt to Dinner Blog
Total Mom Haircut Blog-the woman that writes this blog has a campaign called "Dirt to Dinner" about growing your own vegetables for your own family.
Aggie Horticulture Living in Aggieland I should have known this existed however I didn't know it until I did a google search for "container gardening."

My previous post on this site was about some cancer prevention stuff.  Well, the common thread among all that I've read is to know where your food came from and stay away from processed foods.  What better way to know where you food came from than to grow it yourself.


Sarah Elizabeth Buckner said...

you are so cute! LOVE the new blog design. miss your sweet family!

Cary Plunkett said...

We miss you too! I said a little prayer for you while we were driving down 75 through Dallas on Saturday!