Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Movies

Thanks to my mother I have a special fondness in my heart for old movies or "classics."  I remember several times in our house (after we got the satellite) she made us watch TCM because, "they were classics."  Esther Williams, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, you name 'em we watched 'em.  Now, sadly, my husband gets to to also watch old movies with me.

Being the nerd I am, I am in a summer reading program at our local library.  In my defense, they have some pretty cool prizes for adults!  Anyways, I recently checked out, "The Great Movies," by Roger Ebert.  Basically, this book is his list of great movies and with each title he gives a little background into each movie.  I'll admit, most of the movies in this book I've never of and after looking them up on Netflix I discovered it's because some of them are foreign movies.  For your viewing pleasure I have listed SOME of the movies from his list (*=I agree with Mr. Ebert):
All About EveThis was the first movie I saw Bette Davis in.  I'm pretty sure she was born to play this part.
Apocalypse Now  I kind of want to see this because it is a Francis Ford Coppola movie but Chris said I probably wouldn't like it because it is pretty violent.
Beauty & the Beast  This is not the Disney version.  The movie Mr. Ebert is referring to is the 1946 version of the film.
The Big SleepThis movie is a little confusing but it gives you a chance to see Humphrey Bogart in something other than Casablanca even though, it seems like the same character in both movies. 
Bonnie & Clyde  I have not seen this movie but it is in our queue at Netflix to get once I return Valentine's Day.
CasablancaDoes this really shock you?  Even if you've never seen it, everyone's heard of it.
E.T.  This was the first movie I ever cried while watching.  You know the scene where E.T. might be dying?!  I love the way Mr. Ebert wrote the chapter on this movie--he wrote it as a letter to his grand kids because he was watching them watch the movie through child eyes instead of movie critic eyes.
Fargo   I have not seen all of this movie.  I catch it sometimes on TV but I have never actually seen the entire movie. 
The GodfatherI love the Godfather trilogy!  I don't know why but when I saw the first one we had to go out and rent the second and third installment.  Anytime I see it on T.V. I want to watch it all over again!
Gone with the WindIs there any doubt this movie is on the list?  I remember the first time I watched the entire movie I just kept wondering when it was going to be over because what else could possibly go wrong!?
It's A Wonderful Life  It might be un-American but I've never seen this entire movie either!  However, I'm not going to put it in my queue because it comes on every Christmas so I'll have the opportunity to watch it.
JFK  I have not seen this movie but I want to.  Chris was not in the mood to see it a second time so this might be one I watch when he's out of town. 
Pinocchio  According to Mr. Ebert this movie is said to be one of the best movies Disney ever produced.  I do not think I agree with that statement.  Sorry, Mr. Ebert.
Pulp FictionI remember watching this movie after I saw Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2.  I was fascinated by Quentin Tarantino.  I think they should make an amusement park ride based on his brain and the working of it.  Perhaps it might be a little scary but interesting, none the less. 
Schindler's ListI actually read the book before I saw this movie.  I remember thinking it was so depressing.  But then again, concentration camps are exactly chicken soup for the soul material either.  Watching this movie made me feel like I was there, which I'm sure is the goal. 
The Shawshank RedemptionThis is a movie Chris has actually watched more than once.  Movies that make me feel sorry for criminals intrigue me because that is exactly what the directors, writers, and producers want you to do--feel sorry for their characters.
Singin in the RainOf course, this is no shocker either.  Again, a movie everyone's heard of but not everyone has seen.  Go ahead--rent it.  You'll be singing that song all day after you do!
Some Like it HotMarilyn Monroe is probably not recognized for her acting as much as her looks but when I saw this movie I couldn't really imagine anyone else playing her part. 
Star Wars  It doesn't shock me that this movie is listed but I'm not really into Star Wars movies but some people are.
The Wizard of OzFor its time I'm sure this movie was great.  But, every time I think of the Wizard of Oz I think of my mom.  My mom absolutely hates this movie--apparently, when she was child it scared her and even as an adult she refuses to watch it.  Ironically, one year we were on vacation in Missouri and my mom had a seizure and was rushed to a local hospital.  The doctors asked her several questions, one of which was, "Ma'am, do you know where you are?"  Her response, "Kansas."  At the moment I didn't think it was funny but looking back now it makes me laugh. 

I have not seen all the movies listed above but I would like to.  Thanks to Netflix and being able to watch instantly we did watch The Big Sleep the other night.  I agree with Mr. Ebert that it was very confusing and after reading the chapter on this movie I think it's humorous that even the director of the movie had to call the original author of the book to understand the plot.

If you get bored this summer and need to expand your mind a little watch an old movie.

Happy viewing!

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Anonymous said...

Great piece! Glad to know I had such an influence on your movie watching. (Just teasing) Most of those movies, unless they were old, I've never watched.

Keep writing,