Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hair Affair

So I've been growing my hair out for the charity Beautiful Lengths.  I have two more inches to go before I make the big chop!  Man, am I ready!  I had a dream the other night I got my hair cut really short just to make an eight inch ponytail.  I was thinking about having a contest on this blog for my followers to pick my haircut but then that scared me because what if you picked something I didn't really like?  Then I thought about just asking the stylist to tell me what they suggest.  But then that scared me too. 
Stylist recommended haircut
I have only done that one other time in my life and I turned out with the best hair cut ever but it couldn't be duplicated.  When I went back to get trimmed the stylist that cut it had to leave for an emergency so this other guy cut my hair and I didn't like it AT ALL!

I'm hoping I will be able to get my hair cut by the end of the year!  Don't worry I'll let you all know when I cut it off!

So the saga of hair growth continues...

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