Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God and Football by Chad Gibbs

“God and Football,” by Chad Gibbs is a humorous yet thought provoking book for anyone that enjoys the odd mix of God and SEC football.  Gibbs starts the book off with, what he calls, “Preseason,” giving the reader the low down on how football, SEC football in particular, has shaped his life.  He gives the reader a glimpse of his love affair with Alabama and/or Auburn football. 

The book continues as he travels each week during the 2009 football season to a different SEC school for a home game.  He is able to realize first hand he is not the only one obsessed with SEC football.  Each week he attempts to meet a local minister in each college town and discuss the implications football has on their church.  Several times in the book he mentions many churches don’t plan events on game weekends because they know attendance will not be good.

In Gibbs’ Postseason of the book he has the opportunity to meet with David Nasser, a die-hard Alabama fan, and Nasser ends their conversation by saying, “You know who I pray for?  I’m praying for those fans who woke up the morning after the bowl game and realized despite the win, they still lack peace.  Football is a great hobby, but a horrible god.”   

As funny as this book is it is also a gentle reminder of the idols we all have whether it be Auburn, football, or the SEC. 

Thanks Zondervan publishing for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.


Liz Chivvis said...

I would love to read it.

Cary Plunkett said...

I will let you borrow it Saturday when you come over. Now, you can't read this during church b/c you may laugh out loud!