Monday, October 11, 2010

Colds and Parties

A couple of weeks ago Eli got a cold and then proceeded to pass it on to everyone in the house.  As of today, I'm battling sinus headaches and blowing my nose all the time, Chris is on the mend, and Eli's almost 100%.  If I wasn't in my first trimester I could take some actual medicine to help me get rid of this but until then all I can take is Tylenol.  Which , as you know, does nothing for sinus headaches.

We also celebrated Eli's 1st birthday this past Saturday!  Since his birthday was so close to the Aggie-Razorback game we decided to have his party early so we could combine the two.  About an hour before kick off we had the birthday festivities and then we watched the game. 

Eli wearing 1 year shirt!

Mr Mr in the wagon my parents got him!

He wasn't really sure about everyone singing to him and it was right before nap time.

Not really a fan of this cake either.

The family right before Eli's nap and kick off!
Once Eli went to take his nap it was about time for kickoff! True, we do live in Aggieland and love ministering to Aggies but when the Razorbacks play we have to support them.  And the Razorbacks did win!

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