Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

“The Grace of God,” is Andy Stanley’s fifth book and some say his best book. Unlike his previous publications, “The Grace of God,“ is for everyone, not necessarily pastors or church leaders. The topic of God’s grace can sometimes be very complicated to explain but, like he does most things, Stanley takes the complicated and makes it uncomplicated.

While making the topic of grace easier for the everyday person Stanley starts at the very beginning—creation. In chapter one Stanley easily states, “We see from the very beginning of creation that God desires what is good for us. That’s grace.” He follows up grace during creation with how we are chosen, surprised, redeemed and finally saved by God’s grace.

The reader might finish chapter 13 and wonder, “What do I do now?” Stanley answers that question in the chapter he calls, “How Sweet the Sound.” He starts by discussing the tensions between laws and grace, justice and grace, and fairness and grace and recaps the story of the Prodigal Son from three view points: the lost son, the son at home, and the father. Stanley finishes off this book explaining grace is a gift. “You were lost and have been found. You were dead, and now you are alive. You were blind, and now you see. You said yes to his offer of grace. That’s the best news God will ever receive about you,” simply put.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson publishing for providing a completmentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes through Booksneeze.

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