Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maternity Shopping

Next to shopping for swimsuits I loathe shopping for maternity clothes.  You would think it would be enjoyable because you get to buy new clothes because you are getting fatter and while you're pregnant is one of the only times it's okay to get fatter. 
Here's my 3 pet peeves about maternity clothes: 
1.  They cost more than non-maternity clothes.
2.  If they go on sale it's like 10% off and that's not really a sale in my book.
3.  They are made cheap.  The fabric they are made out of is thinner and therefore might not last another pregnancy.

Now, when I was pregnant with #1 I was in desperate need of clothes because I was literally out growing non-maternity clothes.  I had managed to find some essentials (black pants, a couple of shirts) in College Station but I was tired of seeing the same clothes at my local stores.  So off we went to the Houston Galleria.  We went to every maternity store in the Galleria and I was empty handed and unhappy then we went to The Gap to look at baby clothes and there it was!  My maternity mecca!  I loaded up on maternity clothes at The Gap!  Thank goodness those clothes will last for #2.  The reason I love Gap maternity clothes:  simplicity.  I'm not really into big floral patterns on my giant stomach and that's what I kept finding at my local Motherhood Maternity.  I also don't mind paying a little more for clothes if they are good quality and will last.   

For #2 I'm pregnant in different seasons but I'm going to try to make my summer maternity clothes winter maternity clothes with a couple of changes.Being the cheapskate I am my favorite maternity purchase with #1 was the Bella Band!  I bought a black one at Target and a white one at Motherhood Maternity.  The white is total junk--it is not nearly as secure as the black one from Target.  I can't remember how much it cost but the fact that I wore non-maternity jeans during my entire pregnancy with the Bella Band was a miracle all in itself!

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