Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Truth Project

This semester in our ladies Bible study I'm doing The Truth Project.  It is a video series that is sponsored by Focus on the Family and when the video is over we break up into small groups and discuss it.  From the beginning of the study I have been praying that God would show me what He wanted me to learn.  Doing The Truth Project as a Bible study is a bit complicated for me because sometimes I feel like I need to go read an American History book then I might be ready to discuss what they talk about in the video.  I have also been pondering on the small group God put me in.  I love hearing different view points about topics and getting to know women I wouldn't meet any where else.  I'm sure my husband loves it too because when he comes home I'll rack his brain about our discussions too.

But today was different for me.  Like I said, throughout the study I've been wondering what I am supposed to learn from this except the fact that I don't know enough American history.  It was as if I finally saw the writing on the wall today.  While listening to women speak passionately about Christians not standing up for what they believe my thoughts automatically went to Christ's love.  There must be a balance between showing Christ's love and taking a stand.  People are often turned off by all Christians because of the hand full that protest at military funerals, bomb abortion clinics, or have book burnings.  None of those things show Christ's love.  It makes me sad to think non-Christians look at those things and put us all under that umbrella.  Even as I typed the words, "non-Christians," I'm reminded they are not simply a people group.  They are a people group that will spend eternity away from Christ.  The One that can truly love them more than they ever imagined.  The One that can bring true peace and hope to their life.  The One.

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