Thursday, November 4, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about a song that would forever be my anthem during motherhood.  The song is called, "Mystery," by Charlie Hall.  The first two lines of the song are my favorite:

"Sweet Jesus Christ my sanity
Sweet Jesus Christ my clarity."

It seems lately the lies of the world are infiltrating everything.  We hear so often how we need to live for ourselves, make ourselves happy, buy this thing and your life will be so much easier, buy these clothes and you'll feel better about yourself, have this surgery to make you feel good about yourself, read this book, buy this CD, hear this speaker, and on and on it goes.  I know the word, "lies," sounds a bit hard core but they are lies.  The only satisfaction we can ever have in life will come from Christ.

Throughout my life I have had some awesome opportunities to meet girls in all stages of life.  When we lived in Arkansas I taught a Sunday School class with great girls that I still keep in contact with and see God doing great things in their lives.  After we moved to Texas I worked with a friend of ours doing Disciple Nows for smaller churches.  My friend would organize everything and bring all the help and I always worked with senior high girls.  God really blessed those weekends because these girls didn't know me from Adam yet inevitably every weekend God would put a girl in my life that was sadly believing the lies of the world, or some cases the lies her own family told her, and she would be seeking.  She was seeking for something, anything to fill the loneliness in her heart.  Since moving to College Station I get to walk side-by-side a couple of girls as they search God's will for their lives.  I also have the opportunity to meet other mothers through Bible studies and other events.  These girls and mothers are no different than anyone else.  Christians are not immune to wanting easy answers.  We would all love for God to write the answers to our questions on the wall in black spray paint so there would be no wondering if we were doing the right thing.

However desperate we may be in our lives at all ages we are always seeking.  Like the song above says to me, "Sweet Jesus Christ my sanity."  He is our sanity in this crazy world.  He is the one that will bring true clarity to your life.  Seek His face and you will find His peace, His comfort, and His hope.  I truly believe God wants to see us seek Him because He knows it is where we will find true contentment.

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