Friday, December 17, 2010

I Heart Reading

Most of my friends know I love to read!  I'll read just about anything.  My love affair with reading started with literary classics such as Sweet Valley High and Babysitter's Club, of course.  My senior year of high school I was introduced to Christian fiction and thus an obsession of Christian book reading began (thank you, Robin Jones Gunn).  At some point I started reading biographies and non-fiction books.  Since then my fiction reading has become almost non-existent.

I left the "chick lit" genre almost completely because I was meeting girls that were reading these stories of fiction and setting unrealistic expectations for themselves and their future husbands.  That's when I moved on to suspense fiction (aka Ted Dekker).  I think I like his books because they are quick reads.  I can usually read one in a day or two and get my fiction kick out of my system and move on.

Recently, I was in the mood to read some fiction.  The books I had been reviewing/reading required me to have a pen in a my hand therefore, they weren't exactly easy reads.  Off I went to Barnes and Noble to search for a fiction book.  Now, when I get in these moods I have some guidelines:

1.  Paperback or clearance-I don't want to pay $20.00 for a fiction book
2.  Something I can sell back to Half Price Books because I don't keep fiction books after I read them
3.  Not a series-I don't want to get sucked into some crazy long book series

Unlike so many of my friends and family I cannot simply sit and read fiction very often.  The entire time I'm reading it I'm thinking, "What else could I be doing?  What am I learning from this book?  Is this a waste of my time?"  Needless to say, my trip to Barnes and Noble did not produce a new fiction book but yet, "Discipline," by Elizabeth appropriate for the beginning of 2011.

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Kara said...

Even though you don't read series you should still read the Mark of the Lion series by francince rivers. Excellent and historically accurate fiction. You really would enjoy it!!