Monday, December 20, 2010

#2 at 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 Weeks

Size of baby: According to "What to Expect When You're Expecting," #2 is about the size of a large banana.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm not weighing myself at home, I'm going strictly by the doctor's scales so I won't know if I've gained weight until our next appointment.  I'm pretty sure I have because my appetite is back!
Maternity Clothes:  Eventhough I have actually lost weight my stomach is getting bigger and I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans last week.  My dependable Gap Long & Leans are starting to give out so I figure I better buy some before I have a wardrobe malfuction.
Gender: Out of the goodness of her heart our doctor went ahead and took peek at our last appointment (3 weeks before she really wanted to) and she said she's 80% sure it's a girl! We'll have another ultrasound in January to confirm. But if it is a girl her name is Harper Lee Plunkett!
Movement: I feel her move more and more but you can't really feel her from the outside yet.
Sleep: Once I fall asleep it is GOOD sleep! I have had some pretty crazy dreams too!
What I miss: Going a whole night without having to get up to go to the bathroom.
Cravings: Me and potatoes are good buddies. Any kind of potato: baked, fried, mashed, whatever!
Symptoms: Instead of being totally exhausted everyday it's just every couple of days now.
Best moment this week: Being able to, without a doubt, feel Harper move!
What's happening next: January 3rd is our next doctor appt and another ultrasound!

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