Thursday, January 13, 2011

She Did It!

Anyone that knows my mom knows she is one talented lady.  She can pretty much sew anything!  She made both my prom dresses in high school along with a ton of dresses when I was younger.  Then she started quilting and has made a ton of quilts too!  Enjoy some pictures of things my mom has made for us!
This is a quilt she made Eli before he was born. 
Sorry, this picture was taken with my phone so it's not top quality.
Eli's "I'm the BIG brother," t-shirt.
I'm pretty sure he'll need another one when Harper is born though.
Eli's 4th of July shirt.

Eli's name blocks to match the quilt!

Eli's Christmas t-shirt.
We also have diaper bags, bibs, and other shirts but I couldn't find pictures of those things!  But never fear!  My mom has FINALLY got her blog up and going!  If you are interested in seeing more of her handy work check it out at:  Gina's Sew Excited!

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