Monday, January 10, 2011


Unpredictable.  Destructible. Those are the words most people use to describe a tornado.  Recently Chris and I started calling our son a tornado for that very reason.  Eli is not walking yet but who needs to walk when you can crawl anywhere you need to or climb on anything you want to get to.

First up was being able to climb into the rocking chair. 
Granted he can't get out of this chair but he's pretty quick about getting in it these days.
The next day or two came the couch. 
This was a moment of accomplishment for sure! 
We usually keep the remote in the crack of the couch so once he figured out how to get up here guess what the first thing was he grabbed?  Look at the right side of the picture.
There is still a recliner Eli hasn't figured out how to climb in but that doesn't mean he doesn't try.  Everyday is a new adventure with Eli.  He is all boy, without a doubt!

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