Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Limited TV Week Summary

Like I said in my previous posts about limited TV was not a life altering week. One thing it did make us realize was how much TV Eli watches. Most of the time he is playing and completely un-interested in anything else but if a song comes on TV he stops what he’s doing and makes his way to the living room to check it out. Cheers, for instance, is a theme song he loves! It is kind of funny to see him “dance” to things on TV but it is also not necessary.

After last week Chris even talked about not having a TV in our living room and putting it either in our bedroom or a guest room just to keep the kids (yes, in May we will have two kids) from watching too much TV. Most of the shows me and Chris watch come on at 9:00 anyways so the kids would be in bed already. You know those 9:00 shows you love: The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Castle…admit it!

Overall, it was good and I don’t think it would hurt people to make a conscience effort to limit their TV just to see how much they do watch and/or depend on it for things. As I said in the beginning I was using the TV to keep Eli occupied so I could get ready or unload the dishwasher, etc but now I’ve just learned to keep my bedroom more child proof in case little feet come wandering in and I’m getting pretty good at loading and unloading the dishwasher with his “help.”

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