Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Limited TV Day 3

Like I ended my post about day two--there is no life altering revelations taking place.  We are just being more productive with our time since we are not sitting in front of the TV.  For Eli that means we read more books and practice coloring more.  Reading books, alone, makes me realize how old Good Night Moon is getting.  Before Eli was born he actually received two copies of that book and they both look like they have been through the ringer.  As soon as I start reading one book he'll throw Good Night Moon down in my lap.  His own suggestive way of saying he wants that one read next.

This challenge is actually not that difficult for me and Chris because we both like to read so when the TV is off and Eli's in bed we'll just pull out our Bible or another book we're reading.  It's not really torture.

One thing I have noticed this week is my sleep pattern.  I don't know if it's because I'm seven months pregnant or not over-stimulated by the TV but I have been REALLY tired at night and therefore, I am sleeping so deep I haven't had any crazy pregnancy dreams this week.

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