Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes, Changes, Changes

Poor Eli.  Not only did we bring home another child but we also promoted him to a big boy bed.  This issue has been an ongoing discussion since we found out Harper was coming.  We didn't want to buy a second crib but we didn't know if Eli would be ready for a bigger bed or not.  Then if we did take him out of his crib did we want to buy a toddler bed or twin bed or just put him on the full size bed in our guest room? 

Well, during a 3 AM feeding session with Harper I asked myself, "Self, why not just move the beds now?"  Later in the day when Chris woke up we talked about it and decided if we're going to be up already with Harper why not go ahead and make the transition with Eli too.  Our fear was always he would never sleep.  He would get off the bed and play with his toys.  So began musical beds, the pack and play Harper was sleeping in went in the closet, the crib went in Harper's room, and the full size bed went in Eli's room (minus the frame).  We left the frame off the full size bed so Eli could get in and out by himself.

After lunch that day it was time for Eli's nap and Chris went in his room with him and laid him down and said it was time to take a nap.  Eli laid right now and went to sleep.  We checked on him twice (see pictures below) and he was sound asleep!  He has done SO GOOD in his new bed.  He does not get out of his bed until we come to get him.  In the mornings or after his nap he will sit on his bed and moan or scream just like he did in his crib.  When we walk in his room he slides right off as if he was just waiting on us.

I know the beige sheets don't scream, "adorable."  Since his room is done in Arkansas Razorbacks I am on the hunt for either super cheap Razorback sheets or red and black sheets.

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