Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harper's Arrival

Instead of updating you on week 38 I'll be updating you on Harper's arrival!  Wednesday, April 20th my mom came to town to watch Eli while me and Chris went to the doctor.  After the appointment me, Mom, and Eli were going to do some much needed shopping. blood pressure was 150/100 at the doctor's office (that's super high in case you didn't know).  Dr. Martinelli said we could either induce that day or put me on bed rest and probably induce in a couple of days.  Chris and I decided induction that day would work instead of just postponing the inevitable.

Off we go to Mercy hospital in Rogers.  We checked in around noon.  And that's when the chaos started.  Apparently, there was a full moon or something because babies were being born too fast for the hospital to keep up.  They were having to call nurses in on their days off and call doctors in off stand by to come deliver because it was too much for the doctor that was on call.  They did not want to start my induction meds until a nurse could be completely devoted to me to watch me.  Fast forward 5 hours to 5:30 and I have induction meds, fast forward to 7:30 epidural FINALLY arrives!  Now, let me take a break here.  I am a total chicken--I do not like to feel pain.  With Eli I had an epidural before I felt any pain at all.  With Harper my epidural didn't come until I was feeling WAY MORE pain than I EVER wanted to.  My nurse literally had to chase the epidural man in the parking lot so he wouldn't go home.  We thanked him repeatedly for not going home and apologized that he would be late for dinner.  Fast forward to 10:16 PM Harper arrives! 

10:16 PM, 6 lbs, 10 oz, 18 1/2 inches long
The Next Day

Now, Thursday (the day after) started off really good.  I had put some make up on, had some pictures taken, etc.  One part I left out of Wednesday was the whole blood pressure issue.  When you are pregnant and get high blood pressure you might have to get some magnesium so you don't have a seizure after birth.  I had avoided the mag bag (as I lovingly call it) up until the actual time of my delivery.  The doctor was concerned about the seizure issue so she put a bag on right before I started pushing.  The good thing about doing it this way is Harper didn't get any so the effects it had on me it didn't have on her.

Back to Thursday, my blood pressure was still high so they started a second round of the mag bag.  Mag makes you feel like you have the flu.  It is not good at all.  So...let the melt down begin.  The combination of hormones, exhaustion, and mag made me insanely weepy Thursday.  I feel sorry for anyone that came to see me Thursday because it was not a pretty sight.  Around noon my nurse kicked everyone out of my room, turned out the lights and gave me something that basically put me in a coma for about 7 hours.  I remember waking up on and off but other than that I don't have any idea what went on during those 7 hours.  Thank goodness my mom and Chris were there to inform me later.

This picture was taken the morning after Harper was born before the meltdown started.

The Last Day

Friday was the discharge day!  Apparently, a 7 hour coma can really make your blood pressure drop so when the doctor came in Thursday morning he said as long as my blood pressure readings kept coming back low I could go home Friday afternoon!  I was a good girl almost all day and laid on my left side for most of the morning so all my reading came back normal!!! We got home around 4:00 Friday afternoon. 

Eli is spending the weekend with my parents while we get Harper adjusted to life outside the womb.  He'll be back Sunday and I can't wait.  He's pretty interested in Harper like she's a new toy or something.  We're trying to teach him what "gentle" means.  It is still a work in progress.

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, visits, and meals we've received so far.  We are truly blessed!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful!