Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young

I am not normally a fan of short, one page devotionals because they often just scratch the surface and some don't even reference the Bible.  They are occasionally motivational one liners under a Christian title.  The only reason I was even intrigued by, "Jesus Calling," was because in one week three different people in three different social circles had talked about how great this book was.  Clearly, this was something I needed to know about.  However, my local Christian bookstore did not have it in stock so I was unable to preview the book before purchasing it off Amazon. 

I have to say, as far as one page devotional books go this one is right up there with, "My Utmost for His Highest," and "Streams in the Desert."  Granted, they are only one page long but they are insightful, honest devotionals with scripture references.  For this mom with two kids under two it is sometimes just what I need to keep my head above water until I have time for a legitimate study which has to wait until nap time.

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