Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday Song

If you read a lot of blogs you know that some blogs have, what they call, "Weekly Standards."  It is when the author will post something every week that meets a certain criteria.  Some of the weekly standards I see are:  Friday Favorites, Meatless Mondays, etc.  Well, my weekly standard is going to be "Sunday Song."  I will post the lyrics to one song that we sang during church on Sunday.  I will attempt to post it on Sunday but don't be shocked if it gets posted later in the week.  So...enjoy the first ever Sunday Song:


You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around but I never hear the sound

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
And how You love me

You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind
My hope will always stand
For You hold me in Your hand

How deep how wide
How great is Your love for me

"Amazed" is the second song we sang during the May 29th service (we were in Dallas this past Sunday so this is from the week before):

Pinnacle Hills Worship 5/29/11 from Cross Church on Vimeo.


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