Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook Fraud

As most of you know I had some exciting Facebook news this week. Tuesday morning my mom called Chris and told him there were some bad things posted on my Facebook. Chris called me on my way to work to get my Facebook password so he could delete the bad things and that is when we found out my Facebook password had been changed so we could not make any changes. Needless to say, several of my friends saw a less than appropriate picture and read some pretty emo status updates, and of course, what would a Facebook hacking be if a dirty message didn't get sent to your mom?!

Thanks to Chris and Jeremy Carter (I.T. guy at our church), they got my password changed and Chris had deleted all the bad things but soon after that Facebook had disabled my entire page because "I" violated their Terms of Use.

Of course I had to create a new Facebook page with a new name and new e-mail address and re-request a bunch of friends so it's still a work in progress. One bad thing besides the fact these people were just being mean is that I lost all my upcoming events, pictures, and notes so I'm slowly rebuilding those things back up.

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Philip said...

Shame! Shame! Shame!