Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sandy Patti? Really?

Well, we've been pregnant for awhile now and all I've really talked about on this blog is Q & A stuff so I thought I'd share a little bit more.
There have been a couple of milestones that make pregnancy really hit home.  For us they have been seeing the little gummi bear move during our very first ultrasound, hearing the heart beat, seeing a more baby-like creature move in our second ultrasound, feeling him kick, and being able to see him kick from the outside.  Up until some of those milestones being pregnant wasn't really "real," because I wasn't showing and I wasn't really sick either. 
As some of you know my all time favorite chapter in the Bible is Psalm 139.  That chapter was first introduced to me courtesy of a Sandy Patti Friendship Company cassette my mom had purchased back in the day.  I didn't start loving the chapter until much later in high school when I came across it again while reading through Psalms one summer.  If you get the chance read the chapter and be in awe of the God that created you.  I'm amazed everytime I feel and/or see Eli move that God has placed him in our care.  It seems daunting at times to think that God trusts us mere humans to raise other humans but it's been a blessing this far into it.
Approximately three months from now our lives will never be the same...

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