Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crockpot Cup Brownies

That's right! Brownies. In a cup. In your crockpot. It's cool concept. The idea of the recipe is like you are eating hot chocolate.

stoneware or ceramic coffee cups
brownie mix (I used 8x8)
ingredients needed to make brownie mix according to the box
crockpot (kind of a given)
cooking spray
whip cream (or ice cream)

Make the brownie mix as the box suggests. Spray coffee cups with cooking spray, pour cups about half full of brownie mix. Place in crockpot on high for approximately four hours (when the brownie starts to separate from the cup take it out). Make sure all four cups are touching the bottom of the crockpot when you place them. Once you remove the cup from the crockpot put whip cream (or ice cream) on top. The whip cream (or ice cream) will melt into the brownie cup! Yep, that's what I said, "melt into." When you are ready to serve stir the mixture and enjoy!

I thought they were pretty good. It was an easy dessert to make while I cooked dinner and cleaned house.

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