Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Name is Cary and I'm a Bibliophile

Google it. I dare you. Anyone that knows me or has read this blog a lot knows I'm a total dork. I read A LOT. I have no almost boundaries either--I read all kinds of books: biographies, SOME fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, history books, classic books...You get the idea. Between my husband (who is also a bibliophile) and I we own a TON of books!

Why do you need to know all this wonderful information? While surfing the internet the other night I came across this idea of blogging book reviews. I usually just tell people about books I'm reading or mention them in blogs but this is a full on review! The best part? FREE BOOKS! Some publishers will send you books for free if you review it on your blog!

Why does this involve you? I need followers! I know people read my blog because they tell me things they have read on it so follow me! Please? I know it sounds like I'm begging. Well, I am begging.

Okay, I'm done begging now!


Mom said...

How do I follow you?

Fat Girl Running said...

Look over to the left hand side and there should be button to click that says "follow"